Janaina Melo

Janaina Melo - Drums

Janaina Melo – Drums

From Maceió, AL, Janaina Started her career in 2005, started to be interested in drums and metal, influenced by her brother. His first contact with Rock was the album “Oracle”, by Kittie. Her admiration for drums was immediate, as she identified with the heavy and aggressive approach, the double bass, and because there were women playing.

Janaína was the drummer of Autopse (AL) for 10 years and recorded two albums, “Descontrole Mental” in 2009 and “Insanity” in 2016. In 2019 she joined the band Sinaya (SP), recording the single “Riddle Of Death” and ended her collaboration with the band in the first half of 2021, to pursue a solo career and personal projects and make original music.

She is currently the drummer for the Monster Side Project (AL), she also participates in some collaborations with the Chaos Rising Project, and in early 2023 she received an invitation to take over THE DAMNNATION’s drumsticks.

Janaína Melo, aims to solidify her solo career abroad, with the support of MS Metal Records, with the release of the first three singles “Reborn of Chao, Manipulated Minds and Introspection” and with the preparations for her first solo album.

Sepultura, Lamb of God, Carnifex, Kittie, Destruction, Arch enemy

Eloy Casagrande, Vera Figueiredo, Mercedes Lander, Max Kolesne, Dave Lombardo, Daniel Erlandsson

Double Pedal Iron Cobra Model Hp 900
Box: Adah
Heads: Gess Drumheads Series Double Clear
Bags: Balbags
Cymbals: Orion Cymbals
Drumsticks: Toke Signature “Janaina Melo” 5A Drumsticks
Bank: Nagano
Drums: Tagima Nagano

She uses Toke Signature “Janaina Melo” 5A drumsticks

She uses Gess Serie Double Clear leather.

She uses Bag Balbags